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Our Presentation Design Services

Pitch Deck Design
You want to present your company to investors? We have years of experience in creating pitch decks and will help you to create a presentation that convinces.
Presentation Templates
Create presentation templates for your business that are built on the brand design and are easy to use by any staff member.
Powerpoint Design
Revise or design PowerPoint presentations to create slides that convince in the shortest possible time.
Foil Design
Our experienced graphic designers will help you (re)design presentation slides for PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

Why Magic Design?

With Magic Design, you add a top designer to your team and scale your design capabilities - in days, not months. Like an extended workbench, we support your company in all visual topics, from website design to social media content to ad graphics.

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As a start-up, you're never short of ideas you'd like to implement right away - but often you have a limited budget and few internal resources. With Magic Design, we take care of taking your design to the next level while you focus on the rest.
Various of your teams are always in need of graphic assets, but design resources are scarce? Magic Design is your extended workbench and takes over all the design tasks you can't handle internally - reliably and quickly.
To stand out from the competition, design is becoming an increasingly important factor. With Magic Design, you no longer have to worry about finding good designers yourself, but have a partner at your side who takes care of all your design tasks.

What our customers say

"For our marketing activities we always need a large number of different Ad Creatives - too much for our in-house design capacities. Magic Design is the perfect partner for us here, as they deliver perfect quality in the shortest possible time."
Michael Sieb
CMO @ Type Studio
"Magic Design saves me endless time and nerves. It was extremely hard for us to find an affordable designer. This service is just the perfect alternative. I would recommend it to every founder."
Julian Droste
Founder of
"For my startup ventures, I often need multiple designs to test different ideas. The team behind Magic Design always supports me with a great sense of design and a fast execution."
Frederik Fleck
Partner @ Richmond View Ventures

FAQ - Presentation Design

Here you can find answers for the most common questions around Presentation Design.

What content belongs in a company presentation?

As a rule, a company presentation should contain the following content:

Company History: A brief introduction to the company's history, including the year it was founded, founders, and milestones.

Corporate Philosophy and Values: The company's core philosophy and values should be explained to promote understanding of the company's culture and ethics.

Products and Services: A detailed description of the Company's products and services, including their features and benefits.

Customers: A brief introduction to the company's target audience and key customers.

Competitive Advantages: A description of the company's competitive advantages over other companies in the industry.

Financials: A summary of the company's finances, including revenue and profits, and current and future financial goals.

Employees and Corporate Structure: An introduction to employees and their roles in the company, as well as an explanation of the corporate structure.

UCompany Achievements: A summary of the company's most important achievements, such as awards or special projects.

Future Plans: A discussion of the company's plans for the future, including growth targets and strategic initiatives.