We create great design for great companies

Magic Design is the design service we always wanted.
Scalable quality at anytime and no unpleasant costs.

Our mission

Whether it's a landing page, a white paper, or a presentation - good design has become indispensable in various fields today.

Besides communicating a company's image & brand, appealing and user-friendly design ensures a positive customer journey.

We know from our own experience how time-consuming, costly and nerve-wracking it can be to build and sustainably scale a design team. 

With Magic Design, we provide companies a solution we have always wanted ourselves.

Unlimited design in one subscription -
Planable. Easy. Affordable.

Meet our team

Sina Sadegh
Maximilian Fleitmann
Christian Nagel
Working student


At Magic Design, we believe that creativity is the foundation to all of our work. Both the design process to create the best designs and the collaboration with our clients to develop and implement innovative solutions.


Outstanding design is never an individual performance. 
The direct collaboration between our designers and the clients allows a transparent and efficient process from the initial briefing, through the first drafts to the final design.


Our primary goal is to provide our customers the highest quality on a sustainable basis. Therefore, we search for the best designers worldwide in order to constantly fulfill this commitment.